My name is Lisa McNulty  the creative force behind NLPChange.

NLP Change is my business, I'm the lead trainer and coach here. I have 20 years experience working in the UK Education sector as a Lecturer, a Teacher and even in the quality assurance department at a university and now my passion is to train education professionals and support their skills such as rapport & calibration, communication skills and stiles, and the mindset of excellence. 

My Services

My life has been varied and my skills are many and my passion is to create happy people particularly within the education. As that wonderful quote from Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

  • Life After Teaching Coaching

    For those who feel stuck and want to leave education

  • Goals Coaching

    For those who are having trouble setting meaningful goals and achieve them.

  • Conversational Influence Training and Coaching

    This is training and coaching for people who are educators and trainers. 

  • NLP Training

    NLP Introduction 

    NLP Diploma

    NLP Practitioner

    NLP Master Practitioner

    Corporate & Group Bespoke NLP based Training Courses

  • Life Purpose Coaching

    For those who imagine that there is more to life and want to find their passion.

  • Relationship Communication Coaching & Training

    For people who want to take responsibility in their relationship and are prepared to think and communicate differently.

  • Happiness Coaching

    Happiness is available to anyone. This is for anyone who is open to thinking and living differently.

  • Telling Your Story

    Have you got a story you want to share - this is both coaching and training. Learn to tell stories confidently always.

  • Coaching for Performance 

    For those who know they can do better but don't know how or they would already be doing it.

  • Confidence Coaching

    For anyone lacking confidence including teaching, learning, performance, public speaking, communication...

  • Communication Coaching and Training

    This is training and coaching available to anyone who wants to communicate differently. 

  • Advanced Training Slight of Mouth

    This is one of the advanced NLP linguistic training options and part of the invisible influence and hypnotic rapport.

About Me

So how does a dyslexic child who leaves school with nothing get a 1st class degree and end up teaching for 20 years and successfully coaching and training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)? 

Good Question! Through Conscious development of highly effect habits and investing in myself when nobody else could see my potential and teaching others to do the same.

Trainer of NLP

I coach the structure of magical conversation, teaching and training. Inclusive courses with coaching, promoting personal responsibility, diversity and differentiation, clean language, rapport as well as the mindset that includes the habits of highly effective people, all courses and coaching include NLP and some act as a precursor to  certified NLP training courses for educators, trainers, facilitators, teachers, lectures, i.e. suitable for anyone facilitating the learning of others.

NLP Master Practitioner & Coach

My journey to coaching professionally began when I qualified  as a Subject Learning Coach 2007 certified by Oxford Brooks University and the Centre for Excellence in Leadership. But as life would have it I was not ready to be a professional coach just then I had more to experience and a lot more training to do. However, I have coached some of the hardest to reach individuals successfully. My experience is varied from teenagers who have been involved in gangs to adults in the corporate and very little in the way of formal education to executives in the corporate environment and what is interesting priorities differ the coaching process creates transformation always.

  • Jan 2002

    Lecturer of Mathematics, Suffolk College

    Here working Lecture of Mathematics for 5 years and one year training as a Subject Learning Coach. Worked within the structure of an education establishment, created & delivered courses and worked with students from 14 - 90 years of age.

  • 2006  -2007

    Subject Learning Coach, Oxford Brooks and The Centre for Excellence and Leadership.

    This Certificate in Higher Education was in fact two different courses running side by side. The first Professional Coaching Skills for use developing institutional peer coaching program. The Second developing resources for learning through discussion and reflection. Both skills I continue to use today.

  • 2007-2012

    Secondary School Teacher 

    Having worked in FE prior to mainstream education, the jump was challenging, it took a while and I found my way as I worked through a number of schools in the county over this period.

  • 2009 - 2011

    QTS & NQT year  

    Having worked in FE prior to mainstream education there were extra qualifications on top of my PGCE, I had to gain also Qualified Teacher Status and Do my Newly Qualified Teacher, portfolio. 

  • 2012-2015

    Director, Stowmarket Kumon Maths & English Study Centre, 

    This was my first jump into business and where I first learned how to model excellence... 

  • 2014-2020

    Teacher in Alternative Provision, Local Authority Behavioural Pupil Referral Units in Suffolk.

    Teaching in Alternative Provision was the most rewarding part of my teaching career. I was simultaneously training in NLP and as a coach and found this the perfect to enhance the learning experience for my learners as well as for me. I mastered the art of conversational limiting belief change and changed the life of many a learner.

  • 2016

    Certified Practitioner in NLP, NLPDynamics

    This life changing course with Master Trainer Steve Payne and Douglas Da Souza. 

  • 2016 - 2017

    Retrained - Professional Coaching Skills, The Academy of Coaching and Training (A.C.T.)

    I had not coached in a while and retrained again, updating skills and learning new techniques. 

  • 2017

    Certified Master Practitioner in NLP, NLPDynamics

    Even More life changing course with Master Trainer Steve Payne and Douglas Da Souza. Talk about face your fears and do it anyway, this is where I began to love public speaking.

  • 2017

    Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner. The Marisa Peer School

    This is where my love of the unconscious mind began. Anyone can do anything when they are in rapport with their unconscious mind and work in alignment.

  • 2017 - present

    L2 and L3 Certificate in Public Speaking as an Active member of Ipswich Speakers Club Part of the Association of Speakers Club

    It was even my pleasure to serve this wonderful club as President for two years 2018 - 2020 and I am happy to say that one of my achievements at this club was to keep it running through lock-down. Quickly establishing a virtual platform on Zoom to continue to meet twice a month.

  • 2015 - 2019

    Director, Chat Study Centre, 

    Having given up my Kumon Franchise I continued to employ my skills and run an independent Study Centre until 2019

  • 2019

    Certified Trainer of NLP The Taylored Life Company.

    The most challenging course I had ever done in my life up to now.

  • 2017 - Present

    NLP Coach & Trainer, NLPChange

    Here you are, if you have followed my journey up to here you will have seen I have my experience in Coaching grow through teaching and private clients - in 2020 I made the leap to full-time professional Coach & Trainer as I have a passion I am following. I want to train and coach as many education professionals in NLP skills, I saw my NLP mindset and skill naturally embed in my teaching style and many cases I know it was that, that made the difference. I will set out the NLP Presuppositions at the end of this page - these are beliefs that if you choose to accept them and live by them will make the difference to you too.

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