For those who know they can preform better and are ready to do what it takes.

If you struggle to feel confident, or happy or productive or creative this coaching is for you. It is a mixture of coaching and training in NLP state control

You have survived education, got the results you want and still have no idea what you want to do. NOW What? This coaching is for you.

Communication is distant, neither of you are feeling loved, significant, or happy you want to get back to the way you were but can't. This is a mixture of Coaching and Train in advanced communication skills. Suitable for couples who both are ready to think differently, take responsibility and learn new skills along the way.

Resistance is a sign of lack of rapport. This is coaching and NLP training.

If happiness is what you want. Happiness Coaching is what you want. Happiness is available to you NOW!

If you are having trouble doing the things you know you aught to do and you have habits that are harming you NLP Coaching for creating new habits is for you.

This is for adults and teenagers taking GCSE's alike, who believe they are no good at maths. There is always a core problem and that might have happened in primary, and since then maths has been a source of pain in your life - we are hardwired to go towards pleasure and away from pain. You have created an identity around being no good at maths. This is a mixture of coaching and teaching to reclaim your maths brain. 

Life can through you a curve ball at any time and this is for anyone who struggles with change and starting over.

If your confidence has been shattered through teaching or you are considering leaving teaching but are not sure what else you can do and still earn the same money this is for you.

People keep talking about their Life Purpose and they are so enthused - what do they know that you don't? Life Purpose Coaching is not a quick fix but it will breath life into you, give you clear vision and confidence.

This is mastermind classes and groups for people working on similar things. Coaching programs include both 1 to 1 coaching sessions and group coaching sessions. This can be very useful as group members support each other and learn from each other also.

"which way should I go?" "Where do you want to go?"

"I don't know"

"Then it doesn't matter which road you take"

But if you have come to a point in your life where you know it does matter; goals coaching is for you.

This is a mixture of coaching and NLP training. It will coach and train in rapport, hypnotic rapport, storytelling, listening, clean language and hypnotic frames.

If you are struggling with relationships. Maybe you are long term single, or long-term unhappy with your relationship. Or you just keep finding the wrong person and are in the same unhappy cycle over and over again. I have been there - this is for you.

This type of coaching is for working with groups with a common goals. This is for working with education providers or organisations that have already had NLPChange training and really want to embed into practice. 

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